Parental Refresher

Providing a safe and clean environment is important for everyone.

Please re-familiarise yourself with the mat etiquette guidelines. Oss.

1. If your child is sick, has open cuts or open sores please stay home and rest.

2. Ensure your child is dressed appropriately with gi and belt, rash guard or t-shirt under their gi.

3. Ensure your child comes to class with drink bottle and mouth guard.

4. Please refrain from coaching and or participating with children during class.

5. Long hair should be tied back, fingernails & toenails clipped. Clean hands, feet & face.

6. Let one of the instructors know if your child is injured.

7. We understand that life can be hectic but please try whenever possible to drop off kids with enough time to get dressed without rushing, ready and on the mats on time.

8. Watches and jewellery should be removed prior to class and kept in a safe place.

9. Ensure your child’s training attire is clean.

(Due to the nature of this sport is it imperative that cleanliness is adhered to. Bacterial and fungal infections are contagious, if you suspect your child may have an infection or are not sure please ask one of the instructors).

10. If your child has nits, please wait until they have cleared before coming back to class and advise instructor if you feel you have exposed other students.

11. Parents and caregivers are welcome to leave during class, but please ensure you are back to collect your child prior to class finishing.