Traditional gi

Traditionally Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is practiced in the gi, or kimono, in a similar fashion to Judo or Karate. This facilitiates grips and throws, and gives the practitioner more submission options. Check our timetable for available gi classes.


Axis BJJ New Zealand provides no-gi (without the kimono) grappling classes for those interested in a wrestling style system often seen in modern MMA tournaments (such as the UFC).

Axis brown belt and commonwealth games medalist Sam Belkin brings his elite wrestling skills to the table as our No-gi grappling coach.


Axis NZ provides you and your kids with the tools to make themselves bully safe. Our step-by-step processs of non violent resolution teaches children to safely restrain the aggressor and keep themselves safe. Axis NZ offers classes based on the child's age and level of skill. We run 3 classes a day 4 days a week, including our "Little Ninjas" class for kids between 4 and 7, our "Hammerhead Sharks" (for children between 8-12) and our advanced "Great White Sharks" class for our coloured belts.