Axis NZ provides you and your kids with the tools to make themselves bully safe with our step-by-step process of non violent resolution - paired with skills to keep themselves and the bully safe from harm. As such, we do not teach striking or hitting of any kind, instead teaching children to safely restrain the aggressor and keep themselves safe with controlling positions and submissions.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a popular and fast growing sport, and we encourage our kids to participate in tournaments and gain confidence and learn good sportsmanship in an exciting sport, all while making new friends.

Axis NZ now offers additional classes based on the child's age and level of skill. We run 3 classes a day 3 days a week, including our "Little Ninjas" class for kids between 4 and 7, our "Hammerhead Sharks" (for children between 8-12) and our advanced "Great White Sharks" class for our colored belts.