Ezra Fa'alogo

"BJJ offers you a guaranteed avenue of self improvement, that you can apply to other parts in your life.”

Zacariah Bell

"BJJ has offered me a way to keep in good shape, make friends, an outlet for my mental health & a way for me to learn every time I step on the mat.”

Maddi Wilson

"I have been asked “What keeps you coming back to BJJ?” And my answer is “Why wouldn’t I come back to this?”

Tane Clement

"It's the only sport I’ve ever seen that doesn’t have an optimal build. No matter what size you are there’s someone out there who is a beast with the exact same build. The only difference is they started BJJ sooner."

Dan Sainsbury

"If you are even slightly considering turning up and giving it a go just do it. You wont regret it. Promise."

Hassan Bukhari

"Jiu Jitsu has changed my life in many ways, whether that’s friends, physically feeling strong & confident or just learning something new."

Natasha Thornton

"I keep coming back as I’m always learning lots of new skills and have made lots of good friends."


"After a training session the day won’t seem too daunting for you. Its the best stress and anxiety relief you can do."

Shafiqah Ilyana

"As an introvert, I do find it a little bit hard to engage myself in a new environment, but I felt right in place since day one."

Ben Russ

"Running headfirst into sparring with a ridiculous grin on my face, getting tapped over 30 times by one of the upper belts, I loved it."

Ana Bremer

"I think there's something a bit primal about the sport, the buzz you get from a good roll is hard to beat."

Heydan Bucknell

"Nothing comes close to the feeling of oneness and the state of flow achieved while rolling with another JJ practitioner."

Jan 2020 News

Read the latest Axis newsletter for January 2020 online now.

Matthew Tesla No-Gi Seminar

No-gi Seminar with Matthew Tesla, Brown belt under John Danaher.

Axis Holiday Schedule

Classes finish 21 December followed by Open Mats at HQ to 13 January.

End of Year Grading

Save the date for Axis end of year BJJ grading (adults and kids). See you there 🤙

Kids Summer Holiday BJJ

Let the kids burn off some energy and have some fun in the holidays.

NZ Grappler Southern Champs

Axis members competing at the NZ Grappler Southern Series in Dunedin.

Females No-Gi Workshop

We were honored to host champion athlete Ana Moceyawa for a females no-gi BJJ workshop.

New Website Promo

To celebrate the launch of our new website, we're giving away a free 6 month membership!

September 2019 Kids Grading

Kids grading was a big success with lots of new tabs, belts and happy faces!

Kids No-Gi Classes

You asked, we listened. We're now running a Kids No-Gi Class on Mondays 4 - 4.45pm.

Kimura Trap Seminar

In September we hosted submission-only specialist, Steven Booth for a no-gi Kimura Trap Seminar.

June 2019 Grading

In June we filled up the mat with rolling and happy grading. Congratulations to all.