Who We Are

We asked our members why they train BJJ and what keeps them coming back. Jiu jitsu requires training partners and we are honoured to have such a great community of members.

Thank you for your continued support.

Welcome to their stories.

Ezra Fa'alogo

"BJJ offers you a guaranteed avenue of self improvement, that you can apply to other parts in your life.”

Zacariah Bell

"A way for me to learn every time I step on the mat.”

Maddi Wilson

"I have been asked “What keeps you coming back to BJJ?” And my answer is “Why wouldn’t I come back to this?”

Cam Steer

"The physical and mental benefits of this sport will keep you coming back for more."

Tane Clement

"It's the only sport I’ve ever seen that doesn’t have an optimal build. No matter what size you are there’s someone out there who is a beast with the exact same build. The only difference is they started BJJ sooner."

Dan Sainsbury

"If you are even slightly considering turning up and giving it a go just do it. You wont regret it. Promise."

Hassan Bukhari

"Jiu Jitsu has changed my life in many ways, whether that’s friends, physically feeling strong & confident or just learning something new."

Natasha Thornton

"I keep coming back as I’m always learning lots of new skills and have made lots of good friends."


"After a training session the day won’t seem too daunting for you. Its the best stress and anxiety relief you can do."