Who We Are: Heydan Bucknell

Not Just a Martial Art, a Way of Life

Head Instructor, Black Belt

My name is Heydan and I am an instructor at Axis.

I was attracted to jiu jitsu because of the technical aspect and the freedom it allowed for personal expression and development of the art.

What is my biggest challenge with jiu jitsu?

Bringing my body back to a state of balance and harmony.

What keeps me coming back?

The awesome people in the jiu jitsu community. And the fact there is no ceiling in jiu jitsu, your growth and potential if you so choose is unlimited.

In all my years of playing sports and training martial arts, nothing comes close to the feeling of oneness and the state of flow achieved while rolling with another jiu jitsu practitioner. And it is these experiences which have allowed me to bring the same state of oneness and flow to all areas of my life.

Jiu jitsu is fun, challenging, rewarding and contains so many hidden benefits.